This website will no longer be maintained

To better satisfy the emerging needs of our clients, all Pezy Group companies in the Netherlands have been fully integrated into the Pezy Group brand. For our new website please visit www.pezygroup.com or simply click this banner.



Pezy people

have a PASSION TO CREATE innovative products. Pushing the technological boundaries in the fields of mechanics and applied plastics inspires us.



We bring out the best in both you and ourselves by openly challenging each other in all fields of expertise, from conceptual design till release for production.

Part of Pezy Group

Pezy Group is an international platform for companies that accelerate product innovation. Each company has its own expertise in the field of product development and production support. By collaborating in multidisciplinary teams whilst introducing other disciplines from within Pezy Group, all companies are capable of offering innovative and effective solutions.

for innovative results

This results in a fast and manageable realisation of distinctive and successful products.